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Take a look at our wide range of stylish showers, from modern eco-friendly water saving showers to thermostatic dual outlet showers, we’re sure to have a shower for you.

Mixer Showers

Mixer showers allow you to get the temperature just right by mixing the existing hot and cold water in a valve before coming out of the shower head. Mixer showers also allow for a more powerful water flow than electric showers. If you’re annoyed by sudden temperature changes we would recommend a thermostatic mixer shower, especially in larger households where water temperatures can change when someone else is using water at the same time.

Digital Showers

Bring your bathroom into the 21st century with the latest in smart showering technology. Featuring a host of simple smart features from flow control, eco settings and quiet operation for those early mornings when you don’t want to wake up anyone else in the house. Some digital showers also come with remotes which can turn your shower on from up to 10m away.

Electric Showers

A great choice for family bathrooms as electric showers come with an in-built heating unit meaning you don’t have to worry about the hot water running out again. Most electric showers are also fitted with auto cut off and anti-scald safety features.

2 & 3 Outlets Showers

Looking for flexibility in a shower? A 2 or 3 outlet shower system might be for you! 2 outlet shower systems combine an overhead shower alongside a shower handset, which can be fixed or mounted on a slider rail. 3 outlet shower systems are a more premium option with an overhead shower, shower handset and body jets for a luxuriously refreshing shower.

Concealed Valve Showers

If you’re struggling for space a concealed shower could be the solution to your problem. Concealed showers hide the pipework and shower valve behind your tiling with just a control plate on display; making them the perfect solution for smaller bathrooms or for fans of a more minimalist bathroom look.