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Our 3D Bathroom Design Service

A vital part of a successful bathroom renovation is ensuring that you're happy with every last detail making sure everything fits great and ensuring the best use of the space in your bathroom. That's why we offer comprehensive design consultation with all bathroom installations to ensure that you can plan out every detail and find the right products to complete your style.

What is 3D Bathroom Design?

Designing your bathroom from the ground up

We start from scratch with every project, meaning your bathroom is unique to you and your space; we don't reuse designs to save time. We have a comprehensive, rigid process to ensure we prepare a design that bathroom fitters can use to turn your bathroom ideas into reality. We break this process into steps, starting with the initial drawings.

Initial Drawings

The process starts with an initial set of drawings, which we get from our measurement survey of your property – we can then use them to create your bathroom shape in a 3D space, allowing you to see your design take place from every angle.

3D Renders

Once we have initial measurements and drawings, we work with you to create a beautiful, photorealistic render of your bathroom design. This lets you see your bathroom come together before installation work begins. It also affords you the freedom to make your design perfect down to the smallest detail.

Examples of our bathroom designs

Below we have a selection of some CAD drawings from some of our previous projects to showcase the accuracy of our drawings and measurements.

Example Bathroom 3D Renders

We've put together a selection of realistic renders from previous customers' bathrooms to showcase the quality of design you receive during the consultation process.

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