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Bathroom Supply Serivces in Maidstone

We're a BKU award-winning independent bathroom supplier, and we're confident we've got precisely what you need for your new bathroom! Our Supply Only service is perfect if you've already got a fitter in mind or you're looking to do the work yourself!

Our Supply-only service means that we do our industry-leading 3D bathroom designs for you and source and deliver the products that your design requires to your home. You still get the benefit of our years of experience as bathroom designers, as well as our industry-leading brands and pricing! We can also put you in touch with our network of Trusted Trade Contacts should you require a fitter or any other service related to your bathroom fitting.

Discover some of the reasons to go Supply-Only below!

Access to Luxury Brands

As members of BathCom, and because of our decades of industry experience, we've built up excellent relationships with some of the best brands in the KBB industry - including some of the most luxurious like Tissino, ARMERA, Roper Rhodes, Mylife, and many more that you can see in our Maidstone bathroom showroom, and experience great discounts on when choosing Supply-Only for your new bathroom!

Trusted Trade Contacts

If you have a quick timeline that we can't meet, or you would like us to design your bathroom and suggest a fitter, we can make that happen. We've been working with industry veterans for years, and we have an extensive network of bathroom fitters in Maidstone that we trust to bring our designs to life! To the left, you can see stellar CheckATrade reviews for one of our most trusted installers. Discover more about our Trusted Trade Contacts and our fully fitted services here.

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