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Our Tile Collection

Meticulously handcrafted and delivered at an afforable price; meet our stunning tile range!

Affordable bathroom and kitchen tiles, handcrafted in Spain and Italy

We stock our range of stunning, handcrafted tiles from expert manufacturers in Spain and Italy, including Ca' Pietra. From small to large format, indoor to outdoor, we have tiles for nearly every style and use case in our range. All our tiles are made from authentic porcelain. They are durable, easy to work with for fitters, easy to clean and maintain, and affordable while still offering diverse style options for many projects.

We stock Ca' Pietra tiles in our Lenham showroom!

As well as our range of stunning and affordable tiles, we stock tiles from Ca' Plietra, a well-renowned industry leader in sunning tiles for bathroom and kitchen renovations. We always recommend Ca' Pietra tiles when shooting for a high-end renovation, as their quality and unique range of styles and designs is unmatched.

Why Choose Inspired Interiors as your tile supplier?

We offer a diverse range of services and extras that truly set us apart from the competition and give you great value for money and peace of mind when starting your bathroom or kitchen renovation; discover some of the highlights below!

Free Showroom Consultation for all Tile Projects

We have an extensive display of all our tile ranges in our Lenham showroom, including our large format tiles that are perfect for bathroom showers and kitchens! If you're undertaking a renovation project that requires tiling, you can take advantage of our free showroom consultation and measurement service to ensure you find the perfect tiles for your project and that you get the most accurate possible quote with the best possible drawings for your fitting team!

Affordable Tiles for Every Project

Our tiles are made from the finest quality porcelain and have rigorous quality control to ensure they meet our high standards and will last the test of time when used in a renovation. We also manage to bring this durability at an affordable price point, making tiles a more accessible choice for lower-budget bathroom and kitchen renovations who are still looking for something unique and durable.

Why choose tiles instead of wetwall?


Tiles come in a wide range of colours, patterns, sizes, and materials, allowing you to create a unique and customized look for your bathroom. You have more design options with tiles and can create intricate patterns or mosaics.


Good-quality tiles are known for their durability and longevity. When properly installed and maintained, they can withstand moisture, humidity, and everyday wear and tear. Tiles are resistant to scratches and impact, making them suitable for high-traffic areas like bathrooms.

Heat Resistance

Tiles are naturally heat-resistant, which makes them suitable for areas near heating sources, such as radiators or heated towel rails.


In case of damage to individual tiles, they can be replaced without needing to redo the entire wall. This can be cost-effective in the long run, as you only need to replace the damaged tiles rather than the entire wall surface!

Our Bestselling Tiles

We've included a selection of our bestselling tiles in the gallery below. Take a look and see if we've got your perfect tile! If not, there's more to see in our Lenham showroom!

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