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Why Choose a Quooker tap for your Kitchen Renovation?

So you're trying to decide if a Quooker tap is a good choice for your kitchen? Let me assure you, it is!

There are several reasons why a Quooker tap is the best option for your kitchen right now.

5 Reasons Why Quooker is the best choice for new kitchens

Speed and efficiency

The first reason being speed. There are many benefits to having instant boiling water in your kitchen, the obvious one being that it is quicker and easier to make yourself a hot drink whenever you like. However, people don't always think about using their boiling water tap when cooking.

Instant Boiling Water

Everyone knows the saying; 'a watched pot never boils'; well, with a Quooker tap in your kitchen, it does! You can put boiling water straight into the pan, and then when you place your pan on the hob you will have boiling water almost instantly, ready to begin cooking your favourite meal.

Minimalist and Space Efficient

As well as instant boiling water, a Quooker tap appears sleek and tidy. If you are a minimalist and love for everything to be put away, or if you just have a small kitchen with a small amount of worktop space, this is the perfect choice. The Quooker tap means no need for a kettle, so you can free up the worktop space, making it easier when preparing or serving food. You can also free up another socket in your kitchen and can plug in your Alexa or iPad instead, where you can save the best recipes for you and your family.

Instant Sparkling Water

Are you a fan of sparkling water? No problem; adding the Quooker cube to your tap lets you have sparkling water instantly. This will free up some space in the fridge for you and means your water will not go flat as an opened bottle would.

Versatile Range of Finishes and Styles

Concerned the tap won't look right in your kitchen? With the range of finishes Quooker supplies, you can find a tap to match any kitchen. Finishes include polished chrome, stainless steel, black, patinated brass, gold, and nickel. As well as the range of finishes, the Quooker tap comes in a range of styles, so don't worry if you have a more traditional kitchen; Quooker will have a tap that fits nicely as a part of your classic style.

Free Quooker Tap with qualifying new kitchens!


Oh, and I forgot to mention, we currently have an offer where if you confirm a kitchen order above £14,500 with us between April 1st 2023 and June 30th 2023, you can get a free Quooker flex tap in polished chrome!

So if you were undecided about having a Quooker tap in your kitchen, hopefully, this has helped make that decision a little easier for you.

Thanks for reading! Check back for more to come!