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Extract from the SONAS 2024 edition 1 Brochure. 'With over 45 years' experience, SONAS have evolved into a leading brand and designer of bathroom products. Our story has only been made possible due to the incredible people involved with SONAS, from our staff to our customers and the communities with which we operate. Cultivated by a culture of curiosity and exploration, our product ranges have been meticulously considered to ensure you get the highest level of quality, style and unparalleled design that reflect the lastest trends. At SONAS, we know that your story and experience are unique to you. Our customer experience team are always at hand to advise and assit you while your experience is taking place and, even more importantly. after it's over. With a dedicated after sales team, we believe that once you're a customer, you're a SONAS customer for life. So, let's start your story and reimagine what's possible for your bathroom.'

What SONAS Products do we sell?

We can provide you with any SONAS products that are in the brochure, meaning if you see anything you like, anything that lights up your imagination, come to us so we can provide you with some of the latest SONAS products.


Towel Rail
arya matt black towel rail 2.png
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arya matt black towel rail.png
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Sanitary Ware
avanti sanitaryware 2.png
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avanti sanitaryware.png
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echo rectangle mirror mirror 2.png
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echo rectangle mirror.png
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hakk tap.jpg
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hakk tap 2.jpg
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mirage brushed gold 2.jpg
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mirage brushed gold fluted glass.jpg
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samoa freestanding bath.jpg
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WC Units
scandinavian wc matt black.png
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scandinavian wc cashmere pink.png
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