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Discover the secrets behind Designer Bathrooms

Here at Inspired Bathrooms Kent, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience when designing your new bathroom. Our dedicated team will work with you, from designing your bathroom to the installation, where attention to detail is paramount. Once completed, we will ensure that your bathroom will be flawless, and you will be able to relax and enjoy it for many years to come.

A designer bathroom is the epitome of luxury and elegance, combining functionality with style to create a practical and visually stunning space. Designer bathrooms are typically crafted with high-end materials, top-of-the-line fixtures, and unique design elements that set them apart from traditional bathrooms. Designing a designer bathroom requires careful consideration of various elements such as lighting, colour schemes, textures, and materials.

Here are some key features that we use to make our designer bathrooms stand out from the crowd!

High-End Materials

Designer bathrooms are often designed with high-end materials such as marble, granite, or other natural stones, which add an air of luxury and sophistication. These materials are durable, timeless, and make a statement in any bathroom.

Custom Design

Elements Designer bathrooms often incorporate custom design elements such as unique tile patterns, one-of-a-kind fixtures, and custom-built cabinetry. These elements make the space truly unique and tailored to the individual’s style. We have a team of expert designers in-house who work with you to create stunning 3D CAD visualisations of your bathroom before any work begins so you plan out every detail!

Technology Integration

Technology is increasingly becoming a must-have feature in designer bathrooms. From smart showers and toilets to integrated sound systems, technology can enhance the functionality and comfort of the bathroom. Through our partnership with Bathcom, we can offer you the latest brands, including innovative smart bathroom equipment like remote-controlled shower valves and lighting!


Lighting is an essential element in any designer bathroom. Proper lighting can create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere while highlighting the beauty of the space. From natural light to strategically placed lighting fixtures, our designers can use lighting to transform the bathroom into a serene sanctuary.

Colour Schemes and Textures

Designer bathrooms often incorporate bold and unique colour schemes and textures to create a visually stunning space. Whether it’s a vibrant accent wall, a mosaic tile backsplash, or a textured wallpaper, these elements add interest and personality to the space. We work with innovative partners like Multipanel to bring unique finishes to our designer bathrooms without the massive expense of tiles!

Bringing Spa features to the home

Designer bathrooms often incorporate spa-like features such as freestanding tubs, steam showers, and heated floors. These features create a luxurious and relaxing environment perfect for unwinding after a long day! We can install spa and jacuzzi jets in nearly any style of bath; ask your designer when you visit our Lenham showroom!

Space Optimisation

Designer bathrooms are often designed with space optimisation in mind. Our designers can maximise the space available in any bathroom size and shape, using built-in storage solutions to create unique layouts. Check out some of our previous design work on our Facebook here!

In Conclusion

In conclusion, designer bathrooms are the epitome of luxury and elegance, combining functionality with style to create a space that is both practical and visually stunning. With high-end materials, custom design elements, technology integration, lighting, unique colour schemes and textures, spa-like features, and space optimisation, designer bathrooms offer an unparalleled bathroom experience. Whether you are renovating an existing bathroom or building a new one from scratch, a designer bathroom is sure to add value and sophistication to any home.

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